Today the term ‘self-care’ is bandied around readily and so often people use self care as a sticking plaster. Feeling exhausted after a long week at work. Self-care. Feeling emotionally depleted? Self care. Or, just generally feeling sub-optimal.

Yes, self- care rituals can be useful when you’re not feeling your best, but to practice self-care in this way and see this as all it is good for is missing the true wonder of self-care and how it can change your life for the better. When practised consistently and with intention, self-care is what helps us to avoid these feelings of burnout and emotional depletion in the first place. It’s how you care for your physical and mental health- in ways big and small. It is also how we can truly develop self-love. 

We read a wonderful article on MindBodyGreen recently that really sums-up self- love for us and why it’s an essential part of self-care. They say, ‘Imagine your inner self as a small child: You would not go around the neighbourhood trying to find somebody else to take care of your child, right. When we're not taking care of our own feelings and self, we're essentially asking someone else to "take care" of that small child. Even if someone else does offer to care for your child, the child will still feel rejected by you.’ 

Our beauty isn't superficial; it's a feeling that builds from the inside out. That’s why we are starting our self-love Sunday programme. A programme dedicated to a consistent and intentional self- care routine that will enrich your mind, body and spirit so you can find your inner beauty. 

Want to get started today? Here are our favourite unique, natural and waste free beauty products to inspire self- love.


Kitenest Lavender Body Butter

kitenest lavender body butter

Use this 100% natural, lavender whipped body butter before bed. It’s packed with natural oils to nourish and enrich your skin, leaving you feeling calm, super soft and ready to take on the world after a restful sleep.


DIY Mediation Facial Mist

DIY face mist

Our simple DIY facial mist recipe is made with a blend of rose water and aloe vera to inspire a feeling of calm and relaxation and any time of day, meditation or not. 

The recipe:

  • Rose water
  • Aloe vera (liquid form)
  • Water
  • Spray bottle

*All ingredients can be found in the DIY Beauty section of our site.

The method:

Quantities depend on the size of your spray bottle. Simply mix one part rose water to one part aloe vera liquid. Then combine these two ingredients with 1 part spray bottle – filling your spray bottle 1.3 of the way up.

Shake a ready to use!


Jade Facial Roller

jade facial roller

You'd be surprised how much tension we carry in our face (stop and unclench your jaw—see?). Our dual-ended facial roller will gently massage out facial muscles along your jaw, cheekbones, and forehead. Use the small end to de-puff and soothe tired eyes. The jade stone, with its naturally cooling properties, is thought to have powerful healing properties and promote circulation and lymphatic drainage.


Live Supplements from Wild Nutrition

Skin and nails supplement from Wild Nutrition

Investing in a quality supplement that supports skin health from the inside out can help you look and feel your best daily. We love this this Food-Grown® Skin Hair and Nails formula from Wild Nutrition. It contains herbs and antioxidants to support that inner glow as well as a bespoke blend of Food-Grown® nutrients, whole-foods and herbal extracts.

These key ingredients include Zinc and Biotin that contribute to the maintenance of normal skin; Vitamin C to support normal collagen formation; Vitamin E, Copper and Manganese to contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative damage; Selenium and Iodine which contribute to the maintenance of normal hair and nails as well as Copper shown to contribute to normal hair and skin pigmentation.

Iodine has the additional effect of supporting the normal function of the thyroid. Imbalances in thyroid function can contribute to hair loss. We all have our own natural and unique beauty and because we firmly believe that beauty comes from within this formulation has been designed to nourish you from the root up.



eucalyptus garland

Find a fresh batch of eucalyptus to hang in your shower. The aroma will make any bathroom feel spa-like and will elevate your daily shower into a serene moment of self-care. Once a week, simply bundle the branches, tie with twine, and hang it somewhere in the bathroom where it won't get in your way.

Eucalyptus are fast-growing trees and are widely planted in gardens, parks and plantations. It has become naturalised in woodland and on roadsides in southeast and lowland England so you may be lucky and have a eucalyptus tree growing near you. Alternatively they can be found in most florists.

This list is by no means exhaustive but a great way to get started with your intentional self-care routine today. Stay tuned for weekly tips and support from The Acala Team.


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