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8 September: Zero Waste Finale Market

Come see us at Zero Waste Week Finale Market on the 8 September. We'll have a stall and our founder Hanna will talk about the future of zero waste beauty.

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Event details:

Zero Waste London is celebrating international ‘Zero Waste Week’ and as the culmination of our Zero Waste week events, we are organising an exciting Zero Waste Market!

The Market is testament to the size of the Zero Waste movement that we now have in London. Whether you are a Zero Waste pro or you have only just heard about Zero Waste, come join us for a market packed with Zero Waste inspiration and find out how you can make the world a better place starting today!

There are going to be different stalls representing a variety of different zero waste organisations, including:

  • Catherine Conway from Unpackaged (the founder of the first zero waste shop in London)
  • Diana from The Weekly Shop (a plastic free zero waste shop)
  • Hanna from Acala (a plastic free and zero waste health and beauty store)
  • Oli and Caroly from Roots Delivery (a vegan, organic, zero waste online grocery store & delivery service)
  • Triin from SetMeFree (an online shop for zero waste babies and mothers)
  • Lawrence from Toast Ale (an award winning ale company who make delicious beer from leftover bread)
  • Betsy's Closet Clothes Swap

There will be Zero Waste food and drink available and we’ll also be running different talks and workshops in a separate smaller room throughout the afternoon.

Here is the programme of Talks and Workshops:

1pm - Ranald Schulz presents "Food Production: the Story of the Food we DON'T Eat", followed by a Q & A session.

2pm - A Panel Discussion with Catherine Conway @UNPACKAGED and Kate Arnell@ECO BOOST, followed by a Q & A session. Visit the discussion page on Zero Waste London to make a suggestion of what topics you would like to hear Kate and Cath talk on!

3pm - Hanna @ACALA presents "Is the Future of Beauty Zero Waste?", followed by a Q & A session.

4pm - Lawrence @TOAST ALE presents "Toast Ale - Our Story", followed by a Q & A session

Betsy's Closet Clothes Swap will be running a Clothes Swapping segment where you can bring along and swap up to 20 of the following items (as long as they are in good condition):
- clothes (any season)
- shoes (any size)
- bags
- accessories & jewellery (high street and max 5 pieces per person)

Get your tickets here.


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